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AEIDL Talks: EU Migrants in the UK after Brexit

Oct 11, 2021 | News

(11 October 2021) – AEIDL is pleased to invite you to the AEIDL Talks with David Jepson on “EU Migrants in the UK after Brexit” scheduled on 19 October from 2pm to 3pm CET.


In this AEIDL Talks, David Jepson discusses the status of EU citizens living in the UK since Brexit.

Many EU migrants work in sectors of the economy which tend to involve precarious employment and are especially vulnerable to the economic consequences of the Covid lockdown as well as from the disease itself.

How can we better support the retention and labour market progression of migrants in key sectors of the economy? How can we encourage greater engagement and involvement in community and civic society from EU migrants?

David Jepson is a director and policy advisor with Ashley Community Housing (ACH) who offer integration support for refugees and migrants. Previously, David worked on local economic development and labour market consultancy projects, with a focus on social innovation in the UK, in many EU member states and beyond.

David has worked with the European Association of Development Agencies for many years, a national expert in the European Commission and was a Birmingham City councillor for ten years.