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AEIDL towards environmental certification

Jan 27, 2015 | News

(27 January 2015) – Committed to reducing its environmental impact, AEIDL is working towards adopting more sustainable practices and raise its environmental awareness and standard practice within the organisation and with its members, partners and suppliers. To ensure neutral third party control over this, the Association has entered an environmental certification process.

As a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting local development, AEIDL believes it is crucial to control the environmental implications of its own activities (and that of its suppliers), minimise their daily impact, and communicate about it to the wider world.

AEIDL is seeking certification for its headquarters in Brussels, under the “Label Entreprise Eco-dynamique”. AEIDL will start monitoring its impacts in January 2015, set up an Eco-Team and develop environmental policies.

AEIDL’s aim is to continually reduce its environmental footprint, through choosing less impactful mobility, more intelligent resource consumption, minimising waste, and maximising reusing and recycling.

AEIDL expects its most significant environmental impacts to be:

  • Emissions into the atmosphere from the use of carbon-based energy in offices and fuel in transport for work-related travel;
  • Consumption of resources by use of raw materials, water, office supplies and furniture;
  • Production of waste materials;
  • Environmental policies of AEIDL’s suppliers, partners and members.

AEIDL’s Environmental Statement