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Territorial development in China: French government policy watch services use an AEIDL study

Jun 4, 2012 | News

(4 June 2012) – Analysing the consequences of tipping the world economy towards Asia, the Réseau interministériel de Veille et de Prospective (RVP), which includes all French governmental services involved with development policy watch, has published a fact sheet inspired by a study carried out by AEIDL.

By means of five thematic fact sheets, each dealing with a specific issue, RVP analyses current developments in the Asian economy and the challenges which now face France and the European Union to address this major turning point in world economic history.

Fact sheet No. 2, “Les défis aménagistes et territoriaux: clé de la croissance future de la Chine” (Planning and territorial challenges: key to future growth of China), was written from the study “Pratiques d’aménagement du territoire en Chine” (Planning practices in China) carried out by AEIDL and DATAR, the French Interministerial Delegation on Territorial Development.

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