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Annual Report 2014 published

Apr 21, 2015 | News

(21 April 2015) – AEIDL’s Annual Report 2014 is now available online.

Apart from AEIDL’s considerable investment in the successful “Reinventing Europe through Local Initiative” conference, 2014 was a year characterised by its continuing work on contracts – alone or with partners – for its main customers, including several EU Directorate-Generals.

The nature of the services rendered involved both our core business (network management, evaluation, communications, publications, event management, website creation and maintenance) and topics directly involving local stakeholders: employment, the environment, urban and rural development, etc.

During 2014, AEIDL continued to implement its own projects and undertook key activities including the organisation of the “Reinventing Europe through Local Initiative” conference to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Association.

Annual Report 2014