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Atlas of Social Innovation

Jan 30, 2018 | News

(30 January 2018) – The Atlas of Social Innovation, published by the SI-DRIVE project, aims to provide a comprehensive overview on the multifaceted concept of social innovation throughout the world. It serves as a knowledge repository for the growing community of practitioners, policy makers and researchers to create new practices for a better future.


In 62 short articles, the Atlas of Social Innovation explores the colourful world of this emerging phenomenon. It presents various types of social innovation in different world regions and policy fields like education, employment, environment and climate change, energy supply, transport and mobility, health and social care, as well as poverty reduction and sustainable development.

SI-DRIVE shows that public policy can play a creative role in setting up suitable frameworks for social innovations, and argues that often alliances of civil society, economy, science, and the public sector are the key to success.

The Atlas is available in hard copy and online. The website, which is provided by Technische Universität Dortmund, a partner of AEIDL within the Social Innovation Community (SIC) project, invites its users to propose future articles for a more complete global picture of social innovation.

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