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Auditors slam EU migration response as ‘incoherent’

Mar 17, 2016 | News

(17 March 2016) – The European Court of Auditors has published a damning report on the EU’s migration policy, condemning it as incoherent and lacking in strategy, just as Union leaders prepare to agree on a controversial deal with Turkey on Friday (18 March).

As European leaders prepare for yet another two-day summit on migration (17-18 March), the auditors’ report, which slams the bloc’s migration policy for its lack of strategy and incoherence, is timed for maximum impact.

The document, which has been the subject of extreme tension between the Court and the Commission, highlights the inconsistent and apparently haphazard way in which EU funds have been used to tackle the issue of migration.

On scratching the surface of programmes with names like the “Thematic Programme for cooperation in the area of migration and asylum” and the “European Neighbourhood Instrument”, the auditors were surprised to discover a certain disorder. With unclear objectives and inadequate project monitoring, the Court’s assessment was less than positive. (EurActiv)

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