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BEATLES provides feedback to the European Commission’s adoption of the revised EU marketing standards for agricultural products

Jun 12, 2023 | News

BEATLES has started producing significant research outputs by way of a systematic mapping on existing “lock-ins” and “levers” affecting the adoption of climate-smart agriculture (CSA) in the European Union.

For this research exercise, Serafin Pazos-Vidal, Senior Expert at AEIDL, carried out a systematic mapping of 100 pieces of published papers, to identify the role of the EU Common Agricultural Policy affecting the introduction of CSA and how this influences behavioural shifts towards sustainable food systems. The exercise has resulted in the deliverable on Integrated framework of decision-making factors which will soon be published on the website.

Agricultural marketing standards are one of the policy tools of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) that promote the specific economic and social objectives, in particular the availability of food at prices that ensure the livelihood of agricultural producers and which consumers can afford. This revision is carried out against the backdrop of the Commission’s Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The BEATLES project believes that EU marketing standards for agricultural products ensure high quality, help consumers and operators in the food supply chain and prevent distortions of competition. However, some standards are outdated or may hamper efforts to make the food system more efficient and sustainable. The standards rarely cover sustainability concerns and are not always coherent with other regulatory requirements and EU objectives. There is a need to align efforts with the ambition of the European Green Deal and its Strategy Farm to Fork.

BEATLES (Co-creating Behavioural Change Towards Climate-Smart Food Systems) Horizon Europe project (2022-2026) aspires to change the way agri-food systems currently operate and accelerate the transition to climate-smart agriculture (CSA).

AEIDL is the leader of the work package on transition through policy recommendations and tools. In this context, Blanca Casares, Policy Expert at AEIDL, coordinated the feedback to the European Commission adoption on Agricultural products – revision of EU marketing standards. Read the full contribution here.

You can find out more detail about the proposal for a directive – COM(2023)201 and the Impact Assessment Report – SWD(2023)97 in: