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Belgium: launch of “Citizens ‘Reserve”

Nov 3, 2014 | News

(03 November 2014) – To address the risk of blackouts or power cuts this winter in Belgium, a collaborative and citizen-led power reduction of electricity platform has been launched.

This citizens’ initiative is promoted by X-Factor, a team of consultants in innovation, sustainability and new business models.

The best kWh is the one which is not consumed. The project aims to show that a large body of small electric consumers, if they act together, can solve many problems.

Citizens’ Reserve aims to create a lower consumption reserve of a minimum of 400 MW for this winter and a long -term reserve of 1000 MW that can be used at any time when alerted by network operators and suppliers.

In general, the founders of Citizens’ Reserve aim to achieve a lasting reduction in power consumption spikes and thus avoid the need for new production facilities. Such investments in fossil fuel power stations are expensive, inefficient and unsustainable.

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