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Building resilience in vulnerable mountain areas

Nov 10, 2023 | News

AEIDL organised a seminar where the sensitive issue of the EU Nature Protection Law and its impact in rural areas was discussed with experts and practitioners from all over Europe.

MOVING is entering its final year and hence dissemination and promotion of our findings is becoming paramount. At AEIDL we are preparing a new set of podcasts and a range of other events is planned for the end of the year. Of particular interest is the MOVING EU MAP webinar on  “Protected natural sites: A constraint or an opportunity for mountain value chains?” This was held on 5 October 2023, from 10 AM-12:30 AM (CET), and focused on the constraints and opportunities of protected natural sites for mountain value chains.

MOVING has also recently published a report gathering 23 vulnerability matrixes and 23 vulnerability maps for the reference regions covered by this project. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the vulnerability of land-use systems in European mountain regions. By assessing the impacts of different drivers of change, these matrixes and maps can contribute to the development of effective strategies and policies for mitigating vulnerabilities and promoting resilience.

MOVING has also presented a presented a report focusing on the vulnerability and resilience performance of value chains across the 23 mountain regions of this project. By analysing these value chains, the report offers valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities for sustainable development in mountain regions.