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Buying for Social Impact: 22 good practices

Mar 11, 2020 | News

(11 March 2020) – The Buying for Social Impact (BSI) project has published a collection of good practices showing how the social aspects of the new public procurement Directive 2014/24/EU can be implemented in practice across the EU member states.

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The publication gathers 22 examples of good practice from 12 EU Member States. The examples concern public procurement procedures, policy initiatives and support structures (i.e. strategies, networks of facilitators, capacity-building projects or programmes, databases, etc.).

Accompanying the good practices, BSI has also published a brochure of the project with some recommendations on how to address key challenges of socially responsible public procurement.

During the implementation of the BSI project it became clear that exchanging information and disseminating good practice examples across countries is extremely helpful for contracting authorities, as they can learn and be inspired by what happens elsewhere.

BSI ended in January 2020, but AEIDL is a partner in a new project, “Collecting good practices and raising awareness on social procurement”, which is taking a similar approach.

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