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Caring for the environment

Sep 3, 2018 | News

(03 September 2018) – As expressed in its environmental statement, AEIDL is committed to minimising its environmental impact, reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and working towards raising the environmental awareness of its members, partners and suppliers.


In 2015, AEIDL was awarded the ‘Label Entreprise Eco-dynamique’ by Bruxelles Environnement based on the many steps it had taken towards becoming an eco-friendly organisation.

Since receiving this award, AEIDL’s staff members have set up an ‘EcoTeam’, and drawn up plans for even greater internal environmental awareness and sustainable practice.

The association’s aim is to continually reduce its environmental footprint by choosing less impactful mobility and more intelligent resource consumption, and by minimising waste and maximising reusing and recycling.

AEIDL is pursuing efforts to further reduce its impact on the environment and maintain its environmental label in 2018.

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