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Changing consumer choices are shaping agricultural markets

Dec 6, 2018 | News

(06 December 2018) – Local, organic or other certified products will increasingly be in demand. This is just one of the projections from the European Union agricultural outlook for 2018-2030 report published on 6 December 2018 by the European Commission.

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Projections for the European agricultural markets for 2018 to 2030 are presented for a wide range of agri-food products, including meat, arable crops, milk and dairy products, and fruit and vegetables.

Many drivers will influence the agricultural markets over the next decade in the EU and beyond. The report takes into account the impact of consumers’ behaviours on those markets.

The consumer and citizen will become more conscious of their food, its sourcing, and its impact on the environment and climate change.

For producers this will result in higher production costs but will also be an opportunity to differentiate their products, adding value while reducing negative climatic and environmental impact.

This will be reflected in alternative production systems, such as local, organic or other certified products being increasingly in demand.

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