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Circular economy erected as ‘number one priority’ of European Green Deal

Nov 21, 2019 | News

(21 November 2019) – The circular economy, including new waste and recycling laws, will represent “half” of the EU’s effort to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, and will be erected as the number one priority of the upcoming European Green Deal.

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Unveiled in December 2015, the first circular economy action plan became one of the hallmarks of the outgoing EU executive. Highlights included a ban on single-use plastic products like cutlery and food containers. And at least 70% of packaging will have to be recycled by 2030 – including 55% of plastics – under new rules brokered last year.

But that was “only the beginning of the journey,” Kęstutis Sadauskas (DG ENV) said at a recent EurActiv event. Indeed, the European Commission is now preparing a second circular economy action plan that “will come out rather soon after the new Commission takes office,” he said.

The new action plan is in fact already written and ready to be pulled out of the drawer. All that’s missing is a few minor details and, most importantly, the finishing touches of the political message, EurActiv understands. (EurActiv)

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