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Commission jams with European rock acts

May 18, 2015 | News

(18 May 2015) – The European Commission is seeking to promote European indie rock groups through a network of clubs which are encouraged to stage emerging acts from member states.

The Creative Europe Programme of the EU executive is stumping up €1.5 million over the three-year period to 2017 through its Liveurope platform, coordinated from Brussels music venue Ancienne Belgique.

The network was founded last October but now consists of 13 clubs across as many member states with plans to up the number to 20.

The more emerging European bands these clubs book for concerts, the more money the clubs receive from the fund.

Participating clubs must book acts from at least five European nationalities in their yearly programme, and the bands must be classified as “emerging”, meaning that they must not have more than five years’ professional experience.

A venue booking 35 bands each year might receive sponsorship of €35,000 at the end of the year. (EurActiv)

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