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Commission proposes to double funding for Erasmus programme

May 30, 2018 | News

(30 May 2018) – For the next long-term EU budget 2021-2027, the European Commission is proposing to double funding for Erasmus to €30 billion.

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The Erasmus programme already enables millions of young Europeans to study, train or learn abroad while broadening their experience and awareness of Europe, and increasing their future chances on the job market.

The Commission is proposing to increase the Erasmus budget to €30 billion from 2021-2027 with €25,9 billion for education and training, €3,1 billion for youth and €550 million for sport.

Doubling the programme’s budget will make it possible to support up to 12 million people between 2021-2027 – three times as many as in the current financing period.

Through new formats and easier access for smaller and grassroots organisations, the new programme should make it easier for people from disadvantaged backgrounds to participate.

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