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Consultation of social partners on fair minimum wages

Jun 3, 2020 | News

(03 June 2020) – Today, the Commission launches the second-stage consultation of European trade unions and employers’ organisations on how to ensure fair minimum wages for all workers in the European Union.

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This follows the first-stage consultation which was open from 14 January to 25 February 2020, to which the Commission received replies from 23 EU-wide social partners. Based on the replies received, the Commission concluded that there is a need for further EU action.

The Commission insists it does not aim to set a uniform European minimum wage, nor to harmonise minimum wage setting systems. “Any possible measure would be applied differently depending on the minimum wage setting systems and traditions of the Member State, in full respect of national competencies and social partners’ contractual freedom.”

Social partners are invited to respond to the questions in the consultation by 4 September 2020.

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