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Consultation on Transparency Register

Mar 1, 2016 | News

(01 March 2016) – The European Commission is launching a public consultation on the Transparency Register to gather stakeholder views on a future mandatory system for all EU institutions.

This 12-week public consultation aims to gather input on the current regime for registration of interest representatives who seek to influence the work of the EU institutions and on its development into a mandatory lobby register covering the European Parliament and Council of the European Union as well as the Commission.

The Commission has designed a two-part consultation which will allow for input from a broad range of stakeholders, civil society and citizens.

The first part of the consultation does not require detailed knowledge of the current Transparency Register and allows non-experts to respond on questions of principle and scope, whilst the second section invites opinions on the practical functioning of the current system from those who use it.

The consultation documents are available in all EU languages. The consultation will close on Tuesday 24 May.

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