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Consumption in the EU: 1 person in 3 does not eat any fruit or vegetables every day

Oct 17, 2016 | News

(14 October 2016) – In the European Union, slightly more than a third (34.4%) of the population aged 15 or over does not eat fruit or vegetables on a daily basis, while less than 15% (14.1%) consume at least 5 portions each day.

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The daily consumption of fruit and vegetables differs widely between EU Member States, with those aged 15 or over not eating fruit and vegetables on a daily basis ranging from almost two-thirds of the population in Romania (65.1%) to slightly over 15% in Belgium (16.5%).

On the other hand, the share of those eating at least 5 portions daily varied from a third in the United Kingdom (33.1%) to less than 5% in both Romania (3.5%) and Bulgaria (4.4%).

Different for men and for women, daily consumption of fruit and vegetables seems also to be influenced by the level of education. The higher the education level is, the higher the share of the “5-a-day” population is.

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