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Cross-border dependence of the Luxembourg health system tested

Mar 20, 2020 | News

(20 March 2020) – While the coronavirus crisis is challenging and will challenge all European health systems, the equation should be even more complex to solve on the France-Luxembourg border.

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Indeed, the Luxembourg health system is highly dependent on cross-border workers: while they represent 45% of jobs in Luxembourg, this rate rises to nearly 70% in the medical professions, the majority of whom are French.

The Luxembourg government is therefore considering a drastic measure, namely to introduce certificates to enable cross-border commuters to “settle on the territory” of the Grand Duchy during the crisis period. Luxembourg is also studying the possibility to welcome medical staff and their families in hotel rooms, a disposal that is unprecedented in Europe.

While this initiative could be a solution for the sustainability of the Luxembourg health system, it could also raise questions for the French medical system itself, given that the Grand Est Region is already one of the most affected in France and could pretty soon lack of medical staff.

This shows the urgent need for a coordinated approach between the two States, both to manage the crisis and to set up structured cooperation in the field of public health. (L’Actualité transfrontalière)

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