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Cross-border e-commerce: agreement on sales of goods and supply of digital content and services

Jan 29, 2019 | News

(29 January 2019) – The European Parliament and the Council reached a provisional agreement today on the European Commission’s proposals of December 2015 regarding the online sales of goods and supply of digital content and services.

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In conjunction with the regulation to end unjustified geoblocking that entered into force in December 2018, the new agreement on digital contract rules is the latest achievement of the Digital Single Market Strategy, delivering concrete benefits to citizens and businesses.

On 9 December 2015 the Commission adopted two proposals: one on the supply of digital content (e.g. streaming music) and one on the online sale of goods (e.g. buying clothes online). The scope of the latter proposal was extended to offline sales in 2017.

The two proposals aimed to tackle important obstacles to cross-border e-commerce in the EU: legal fragmentation in the area of consumer contract law, which made it difficult for SMEs to do business cross-border and low consumer trust when buying online from another Member State.

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