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Culture, creativity and local development

Nov 16, 2014 | News

(16 November 2014) – “Creativity and Innovation as motors for economic growth: the role of culture and territories” is the theme of the conference organized in Brussels on 19 November by the Committee of the Regions under the sponsorship of the Italian Presidency.

Creativity and innovation represent a truly “new start for Europe” to re-launch the economy and society. Culture and Creative Industries (CCIs) have proved to be resilient to the crisis with innovative solutions contributing to growth and jobs. In this context, significant experiences have been carried out at regional and local level, where, to a large extent, CCIs are established and developed.

Indeed, despite a new general awareness of the innovation potential of the sector, challenges such as a fragmented cultural market, access to finance and digital shift have to be overcome to truly exploit the economic potential of CCIs. The establishment of a strategic informal platform gathering European regions, enterprises and networks can contribute to providing solutions to such challenges.

Four workshops will address the following issues:

  • Culture as a driver of local and territorial development
  • The role of audiovisual and performing arts sector in local development strategies
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: new business models
  • Spill over effects of CCIs: the benefits of a cross sectorial approach

EU, national, regional and local government representatives and a number of stakeholders in the field of culture will discuss the role of CCIs as motors for growth and jobs in Europe. A particular focus will be devoted to the regional and territorial perspectives and to the complementarity of EU policies and synergies between EU programmes related to the sector.