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Deal struck on copyright reform after ‘intense’ negotiations

Feb 14, 2019 | News

(14 February 2019) – The future of online copyright is set to be radically transformed after EU negotiators struck an agreement on the controversial Copyright Directive over two years after the measures were tabled by the European Commission.

© Christopher Dombres

As part of the deal, large online platforms such as Google or Facebook will have to negotiate licensing agreements with rights holders for the re-publishing of their work. And videos posted on YouTube will have to be vetted to ensure copyright has not been infringed.

However, platforms won’t be held automatically liable for video copyright infringements should they be able to demonstrate that they have made their “best efforts” to prevent any violations taking place.

The directive aims to ensure that producers of creative content are fairly remunerated online, but had faced severe criticism by some stakeholders, who claimed that it could limit freedom of expression online. (EurActiv)

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