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Denmark advertises how bad the country is to refugees

Sep 8, 2015 | News

(08 September 2015) – Denmark’s immigration ministry published advertisements in Lebanese media aimed at discouraging migrants from coming to the country.

The adverts, published in four Lebanese newspapers, note that Denmark has reduced social benefits to migrants significantly, that those given asylum will not be allowed to have their families brought to the country during the first year, that a residence permit is delivered only to those who speak Danish, and that rejected asylum seekers are swiftly sent back to their home countries.

Lebanon, a country of 4 million, is hosting 1.1 million Syrian refugees.

Danish social media reacted sharply to the publications, many opinions noting that the Danish authorities’ move sharply contrasts with Germany’s welcoming attitude to refugees.

The measures were one of the first announcements made by the new right-wing government following a parliamentary election in June. (EurActiv)

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