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Two new LIFE publications

Jul 3, 2013 | News

(02 July 2013) – Two new LIFE Focus publications have just been published. One highlights the relevance of LIFE Environment actions in helping to create durable jobs and develop green skills, while the other shows the role of LIFE Nature funding in helping to conserve Europe’s endangered large carnivores (brown bear, wolf, Eurasian lynx), by addressing actual and potential conflicts with people living in areas where these species are present.

‘LIFE creating green jobs and skills’ highlights the policy agenda and challenges involved in greening the EU job market, and analyses the lessons that can be learned from more than 20 years of LIFE. The focus is on the main projects that have had an impact on durable job creation and green skills development, with 23 case studies from 11 Member States, divided into six thematic areas: waste; capacity building; business and industry; packaging; energy production and agriculture.

With more than 75 projects, ‘LIFE and human coexistence with large carnivores’ provides numerous practical examples and lessons that can be drawn from the LIFE programme’s work in this area; lessons that are relevant to conservation managers and field workers, policy-makers and administrators, as well as local citizens and stakeholder groups (hunters, farmers, beekeepers etc.).

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