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Development aid: Empowering local authorities in partner countries

May 17, 2013 | News

(16 May 2013) – In order to reinforce the full potential of local authorities, the European Commission yesterday adopted a policy document which gives emphasis to good governance and participatory decision-making related to sustainable development.

The EU aims at promoting the role of local authorities as policy and decision-makers, in favour of transparent and accountable policy-making and service delivery at the local level.

This is likely to empower them, and to boost local development via increased democratic participation, justice, human rights, active citizenship, participation of women and youth in the public sphere, and multi-level accountability.

This will be done through, for instance, an improved ability of local authorities to voice people’s concerns and priorities, to react to citizens’ request, to boost socio-economic development through the resources available (human, natural, financial) at local level and to guarantee effective service provision.

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