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Dive into the heart of Europe’s mountains with the MOVING podcast

Feb 20, 2024 | News

Brussels, Belgium – Spanning from October 2023 to August 2024, the EU-funded MOVING (MOuntain Valorisation through INterconnectedness and Green Growth) project embarks on a journey to explore the diverse challenges and opportunities within Europe’s mountain regions through its podcast series “Conversations on Sustainable Mountains”. Based on the MOVING’s research results, this series offers a unique window into ways to innovate mountain territories, making them more resilient to climate change and other threats.

In an era marked by rapid environmental and societal changes, Europe’s mountains – the continent’s ecological backbone and water towers– face a plethora of challenges. Climate and demographic change, biodiversity loss, and the disparities in digital transformation are just a few of the issues confronting these regions. These issues are tackled by the MOVING podcast “Conversations on Sustainable Mountains”The key questions that the MOVING podcast seeks to answer are: How can these territories leverage their unique assets to overcome such challenges? And more importantly, how can they navigate toward a brighter, more sustainable future?

What will you learn in the podcasts

The podcast series provides a dynamic platform featuring expert insights and regional experiences grounded on the 23 MOVING case studies, as follows:

  • EPISODE 1: Change and Vulnerability in the Mountains, featuring Teresa Pinto-Correia from the University of Evora. The conversation delves into the emerging drivers of change in mountainous regions and examines their impact on vulnerability. It further explores the crucial role of local actors in enhancing the resilience and sustainability of mountain areas.

  • EPISODE 2: Exploring the diversity of Europe’s mountains, featuring Emilia Schmitt, University of Cordoba. The episode takes a deep dive into the diversity of value chains within these regions, examining their functions, the key actors involved, and the varied social practices intertwined along these chains.

  • EPISODE 3: Revitalising Mountain Economies, featuring Kirsty Blackstock from the James Hutton Institute. The discussion dives into the intricate world of mountain value chains and strategies for their upgrading, vital for rejuvenating mountain economies.

  • EPISODE 4: Foresight in action for mountain futures, scheduled for mid-April. The episode will illustrate how foresight can be used to develop and facilitate the discussions on desirable futures and pathways for mountain regions. Additionally, it will discuss the significance of the Strategic Options Repertoire and explore how identified scenarios align with existing policies across different levels of governance.

  • EPISODE 5: Aligning policies to mountain needs, expected by the end of June. The conversation will delve into the impact of policies on mountain value chains and the main gaps that should be addresses. It will further present the MOVING Policy Roadmap, which outlines actionable steps to enhance policy alignment with mountain value chains’ needs.

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