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EESC recommends push for deeper economic integration

Jul 15, 2015 | News

(15 July 2015) – Having witnessed huge turbulences in the Eurozone and slow progress towards a European social model in 2015, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) warns that 2016 has to deliver on European citizens’ expectations.

Representatives of European organised civil society have set out a series of recommendations as input to the European Commission’s 2016 annual Work Programme. Ahead of today’s planned debate in the College of Commissioners, the EESC puts forward its views on the main priorities for the EU in 2016 – from the economy to the democratic renewal of the European project.

The Committee is determined to support the European Commission in its commitment to bring back growth to Europe, with a welcomed “Investment Plan for Europe”, and has highlighted the following key areas for action amongst the 10 priorities set by President Juncker:

1. Accelerate economic integration (Eurozone) and convergence (EU-28)

2. Set up a strategic framework for the Energy Union

3. Better regulation for increased democracy and consultation

Building on lessons from recent events, the EESC also calls for a new policy on Migration based on human rights, solidarity and humanity, where its expertise from steering the European Migration Forum could be used notably to assist in developing and adopting a common disembarkation and search and rescue policy, as well as facilitating access to Europe via legal channels.

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