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Eight million ICT specialists employed in the EU

Oct 25, 2016 | News

(25 October 2016) – In the European Union, nearly 8 million persons were employed in 2015 as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) specialists, representing 3.5% of total employment.

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This profession continues to be largely made up of men, accounting in 2015 for more than 8 ICT specialists out of 10 employed in the EU (83.9%).

It also employed mainly highly educated people, with 6 ICT specialists out of 10 (60.5%) employed in the EU having tertiary level education.

In relative terms, the highest shares in 2015 of ICT specialists in total employment were recorded in Finland (6.5%) and Sweden (6.1%), followed by the Netherlands and the United Kingdom (both 5.0%), Luxembourg (4.6%) and Estonia (4.4%).

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