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ELIF 2024 is already up and running: Join us, in cooperation with MOVING, on the course for mountain economies

Apr 18, 2024 | Events, News

Join us for the MOVING EU MAP webinar: “Towards a Policy Roadmap for vibrant mountain economies”.

Date: 8 May 2024 
Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM (CET) 
Location: Online 

AEIDL is pleased to invite interested parties to an upcoming event organised by the Territorial Development thematic community of ELIF, in collaboration with the MOVING Project (MOuntain Valorisation through INterconnectedness and Green growth). ELIF is AEIDL’s European Local Innovation Forum which provides a space for experts and organisations to facilitate the exchange of ideas, learn from experiences, and draw lessons to boost innovation in local communities from across Europe. This webinar is the first event to be held under this year’s Action Plan (2024).

Join the Forum and come along with us to promote innovative initiatives that build smart, sustainable and inclusive European societies:

This webinar signifies a crucial juncture in EU policy discourse, with a focus on the future of mountainous regions. It also presents a unique opportunity to amplify the voices of over 900 mountain stakeholders consulted by the MOVING project, underscoring the importance of integrating mountain areas into the EU’s political agenda. 

What to anticipate: 

  • Insights from Experts: Gain valuable insights from experts on emerging trends and proposals shaping post-2027 policy developments in EU mountain regions. 
  • Exploration of Strategic Options: Discover the transformative potential of the MOVING project’s Strategic Options in revitalizing mountain economies and communities. 
  • Unveiling of the Policy Roadmap: Witness the unveiling of the MOVING Policy Roadmap, aimed at advocating for the inclusion of rural and mountainous areas in the EU’s future policy frameworks.

Attendees will play a pivotal role in enriching the content of the event, particularly in refining the MOVING Policy Roadmap for Europe’s mountainous regions. The outcomes of this engagement will be presented during the MOVING Final Conference, scheduled for June 13-14 in Brussels, Belgium.