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Employment: growing job opportunities in healthcare sector

Sep 11, 2013 | News

(11 September 2013) – Increasing labour demand in the healthcare sector is confirmed by the latest European Vacancy Monitor (EVM) just published by the European Commission.

Employment in the EU healthcare sector has grown almost 2% annually between 2008 and 2012. In 2012 almost one million people were hired to work in healthcare.

Nevertheless the Monitor reflects falling demand overall in the EU labour market, with 6% fewer vacancies in the fourth quarter of 2012 compared with the last quarter of 2011. The number of people hired was down in the fourth quarter of 2012 in most of the main occupational groups and fell for ‘professionals’ for the first time since the second quarter of 2010 (by 5%).

The professions with the highest growth in employees after personal care workers in health services were software applications developers and analysts, administrative and specialised secretaries, mining, manufacturing and construction supervisors and primary school and early childhood teachers.

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