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Employment opportunities for economically inactive people

Nov 6, 2017 | News

(06 November 2017) – Eurofound’s new publication, “Reactivate: Employment opportunities for economically inactive people”, looks in detail at what could be one of Europe’s most important economic resources.

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Unemployment in the EU continues to fall, however more than one in four of the EU’s working-age population are economically inactive; meaning they are not working and are either not seeking work or are not available for work. Furthermore, the vast majority of economically inactive people would like to work in some form, particularly students and homemakers.

This report examines groups within the inactive population that find it difficult to enter or re-enter the labour market and explores the reasons why. It maps the characteristics and living conditions of these groups, discusses their willingness to work and examines the barriers that prevent them from doing so.

The report also looks at strategies being implemented by Member States to promote the inclusion of those outside the labour market.

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