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Environment and climate: 248 new LIFE projects

Jul 3, 2013 | News

(03 July 2013) – Out of 1 159 applications received, the European Commission has approved funding for 248 new projects under the LIFE+ programme, the European Union’s environment fund.

The projects cover actions in the fields of nature conservation, climate change, environmental policy and information and communication on environmental issues across all Member States. Overall, they represent a total investment of some EUR 556.4 million, of which the EU will provide EUR 281.4 million.

LIFE+ Nature & Biodiversity projects improve the conservation status of endangered species and habitats. Of the 258 proposals received, the Commission selected 92 projects for funding from partnerships of conservation bodies, government authorities and other parties.

LIFE+ Environment Policy & Governance projects are pilot projects that contribute to the development of innovative policy ideas, technologies, methods and instruments. Of the 743 proposals received, the Commission selected 146 projects for funding from a wide range of public and private sector organisations. Other important areas of focus include water, waste and natural resources, chemicals, the urban environment, soil and air quality.

LIFE+ Information and Communication projects disseminate information and raise the profile of environmental issues. Of the 158 proposals received, the Commission selected 10 projects from a range of public and private sector nature and/or environment organisations. Four of the 10 projects are concerned with raising awareness about nature and biodiversity matters, whereas six are focused on other environmental matters such as climate change, resource efficiency and coastal pollution prevention.

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