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Environment report: Good but could do better

Mar 4, 2015 | News

(03 March 2015) – A new report published today by the European Environment Agency shows that a coordinated EU environment policy has delivered substantial benefits for citizens over the past five years. But it also sends a clear warning of risks of future environmental deterioration.

Europeans enjoy cleaner air and water, send less waste to landfill and recycle more; while environmental policies drive jobs and growth.

But the report warns that Europe’s long-term goal of “living well, within the limits of our planet” – the aim of the General Union Environment Action Programme (7th EAP)– cannot be achieved with the current level of ambition of environment and related policies.

The European Environment — State and Outlook 2015 Report also looks at the next five years and beyond and sends a clear warning of the risks of environmental deterioration, in turn affecting human well-being and prosperity.

The analysis calls for more integrated policy making – a call the Commission says it is responding to with a series of environmental initiatives for 2015, including a new, broader package on the Circular Economy, a review of the EU Biodiversity Strategy, an action plan on Ocean Governance and a modified Air Quality package.

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