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Environmental taxes: 6.3% of tax revenues in the EU

Apr 28, 2016 | News

(22 April 2016) – In the European Union, environmental taxes amounted to €343.6 billion in 2014, compared with €282.0 billion in 2004. Slovenia, Croatia and Greece had the highest share of environmental taxes, and Belgium and France the lowest.

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The share of environmental taxes in total revenues from taxes and social contributions is an indicator of the resource efficiency scoreboard which monitors the implementation of the roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe.

This roadmap recommends a substantial increase in the share of environmental taxes in line with best practice of Members States (shares exceeding 10%).

Looking at the main categories of environmental taxes, taxes on energy (76.5% of total environmental taxes) made up more than three-quarters of the total revenue from environmental taxes in the EU, well ahead of taxes on transport (19.9%) and those on pollution and resources (3.6%).

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