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EU legislation: new public consultation tools

Jul 1, 2015 | News

(01 July 2015) – On 19 May the European Commission announced a number of new public consultation tools as part of its Better Regulation agenda. Today the Commission implements the first of these measures, introducing new opportunities for stakeholder comments on Commission policy documents and proposals.

Firstly, the initial Roadmap or Inception Impact Assessment of any new legislation will be open for comments. This provides an opportunity for citizens and stakeholders to give input very early on in the policy development cycle, before impact assessment and the related 12-weeks public consultation are launched, allowing their views to inform the process from the very beginning.

Secondly, after the Commission has adopted a legislative proposal, citizens can again submit their comments, within 8 weeks. These comments will be collected and sent to the co-legislators to inform their legislative work.

All submissions will be made public. Citizens can access these new tools through the Your voice in Europe website.

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