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EU Releases Survey to Address Farmers’ Concerns Across the Food Supply Chain

Mar 5, 2024 | News

In light of the recent farmers’ protests across Europe, and following a paper sent by the Commission to the Belgian Council Presidency on actions to help reduce the administrative burden of farmers, the Agriculture and Fisheries Council convened on February 26th to address urgent responses to the crisis affecting the agricultural sector. This meeting provided an opportunity to deliberate on immediate responses to the ongoing issues and, paved the way for strategic planning to address structural issues over the medium and long term.  

Acknowledging the gravity of the situation and demonstrating a unified political will, the Commission has released a survey targeting farmers and smaller suppliers across the food supply chain. Available until 15 March 2024, this survey is designed to understand European farmers’ primary concerns and to identify elements within CAP regulations that contribute to excessive administrative burdens. The results will be released alongside a comprehensive analysis by the autumn of 2024. 

Concurrently, the EU Commission’s Strategic Dialogue on the future of Agriculture will persist, seeking avenues to enhance the CAP in the long run. 

By prioritising immediate actions while laying the groundwork for long-term structural improvements, the EU is committed to protecting the resilience of the agricultural sector.