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EU Roma Summit: Integration at local level

Mar 28, 2014 | News

(28 March 2014) – Local, national and EU politicians and leaders will gather with civil society in Brussels on 4 April to discuss progress on Roma integration across Europe.

The third EU-level Roma Summit will be the first of its kind since the Commission put in place an EU framework for national Roma integration strategies in 2011. The aim is to take stock of how the national Roma strategies submitted by Member States on an annual basis as a result of the EU Framework, are being implemented and if they are improving the life of Roma communities on the ground.

This year’s summit will focus on three challenges for improving Roma integration at local level: ensuring that policies are inclusive for all Roma at the local level; helping EU funding reach local and regional authorities to support Roma integration; and making Roma integration a local reality in enlargement countries.

Roma represent a significant and growing proportion of the school age population and the future workforce in many countries. Efficient policies are crucial to allow Roma people realise their human capital and to actively and equally participate in the economy and society.

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