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EU starts to chart shipping’s new green course

Feb 13, 2020 | News

(13 February 2020) – The shipping industry will soon have to pay for its environmental impact in the EU, as both the Commission and Parliament are moving forward with plans to include vessels in the bloc’s carbon market. But there are choppy waters ahead.

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International shipping is responsible for roughly 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Its contributions are increasing, as global trade continues largely unabated, but its supposed free-ride has not gone unnoticed.

It is why bringing the maritime sector to heel was one of the most tangible ideas proposed by the Commission’s Green Deal in December, under which shipping is set to be included in the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS).

According to EU officials, the Commission is now working on preparing the ground for an ETS-extension proposal and it could be published at the earliest in mid-2021. For some though, that delay is unacceptable. (EurActiv)

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