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EU27 trade in goods balance close to €200 billion surplus

Mar 25, 2020 | News

(25 March 2020) – In 2019, the trade in goods balance of the European Union of 27 Member States was in surplus by €197 billion, a significant increase with respect to 2018 (+€152 bn).

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In almost all EU Member States, the main partner for exports and imports of goods in 2019 was another member of the European Union.

Machinery and transport equipment continued to play a major role in EU trade in goods with the rest of the world, accounting for 41% of total extra-EU exports and 33% of imports.

Other manufactured goods (23% of extra-EU exports and 24% of extra-EU imports) as well as chemicals (19% of extra-EU exports and 12% of extra-EU imports) also played a significant role in EU trade in goods in 2019.

Energy made up a minor share of extra-EU exports (5%), but accounted for 19% of all imports.

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