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Europe hit by green wave

May 27, 2019 | News

(27 May 2019) – The mobilisation of young people for climate change is accompanied by a growing sense of urgency, which was reflected at the ballot boxes in several European countries on Sunday (26 May).

© The Greens/EFA

With double-digit scores across Europe’s biggest countries including a stunning 20% in Germany, the Greens bagged record gains in EU elections on Sunday, with younger voters leading calls for action to halt global warming.

The environmental party doubled its score in Germany from the last EU elections in 2014, knocking the Social Democrats off their traditional second place.

In France, the Greens were number three with 12%, while in Austria, Ireland and the Netherlands, they garnered double-digits.

In Britain, they were on 12.4%, nearly double their previous score, and beating the ruling Conservatives into fifth place. (EurActiv)

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