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Europe in search of Europeans: The road of identity and myth

Dec 9, 2016 | News

(09 December 2016) – This study by Gérard Bouchard, historian and sociologist, published by the Jacques Delors Institute, is a plea in favour of the European Union (EU), while criticizing some choices it has made in the past, choices that now hinder its development.

Rome 1957
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According to the author, EU’s pioneers and their successors made the unfortunate choice to generally distrust the nations as well as the peoples, and to sidestep them by opting for a top-down process of governance.

In order to break this vicious circle, the EU will have to find a way to mend fences with the nations in order to put an end to a long-standing detrimental tension, harness rather than stifle the nations’ still substantial symbolic resources and energy, and secure a platform to build new European myths.

The goal is to carve myths that would resonate both at the European and national levels, in other words: to fashion a true European voice with strong national echoes.

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