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Europe needs a Social Pact for the Energy Transition

Jan 30, 2018 | News

(29 January 2018)- The energy transition pushed by the European Union is becoming a reality in Europe. According to the Jacques Delors Institute, we must strive to strengthen its legitimacy. In order to ensure its social and political desirability, we must better tackle the challenge of solidarity and better support its makers.

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In order to ensure the social and political desirability of the energy transition, Jacques Delors, founding president of the Institute, Sofia Fernandes and Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, senior research fellow and research fellow of the Jacques Delors Institute, propose the adoption of a Social Pact for the Energy Transition to be agreed by the EU, the Member States, regions, cities and social partners.

This is the best way to guarantee the “just transition” the Paris Agreement calls for, and to improve the living and working conditions for all Europeans as to achieve the “socially-fair energy transition” the European Commission promotes.

This Social Pact is based on four complementary pillars: ensuring a just transition for workers, improving public health for all Europeans, democratising the energy transition by empowering consumers and, finally, eradicating energy poverty.

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