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European Court of Auditors criticise plans to reform CAP

Nov 8, 2018 | News

(08 November 2018) – Yesterday, the EU’s auditors expressed clear criticism of the plans to reform the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). They said that the Commission’s proposals did not the meet the demand for a “more environmentally-friendly and more strongly performance-based” approach.

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In its latest opinion, the Court of Auditors’ experts particularly complained about the fact that a significant part of the funding was paid in the form of direct payments “based on given amount of hectares of land owned or used” even after the CAP reform. As there are no other policymaking options in this area, the multiple environmental concerns could not be taken into consideration with these payments.

The method was also not the most sensible way, from an economic point of view, of providing farmers with a decent income, the Court of Auditors argued.

The Greens in the European Parliament consider their position to be confirmed by the critical opinion from Luxembourg. “The Court of Auditors summarises that the reform proposal does not indicate a longer-term vision for EU agriculture. I can only agree with this,” said the Green MEP Maria Heubuch, for instance. (EurActiv)

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