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European elections: What form of cohabitation between France and the EU?

May 27, 2014 | News

(27 May 2014) – According to Yves Bertoncini of Notre Europe-Jacques Delors Institute, the result of the European elections in France and in Europe on 22-25 May teaches us three major lessons at both national and EU levels.

  • The Right in government has lost ground and the Left in government is treading water, both in France and in Europe as a whole, to the benefit of eurosceptic and europhobic parties.
  • The Front National’s lead singles France out and weakens it in Europe.
  • The new European Parliament’s decisions will continue to rest on the variable-geometry majorities set in motion by the conservatives and the socialists and democrats under the europhobes’ gaze.

So all in all, the European election has opened up an era of cohabitation not only between majority pro-European forces and minority europhobic forces, but also between France and the other members of the EU in areas extending well beyond the mere arena of the European Parliament.

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