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European Parliament wants to ban neo-fascist groups

Oct 29, 2018 | News

(29 October 2018) – Faced with the upsurge in xenophobia in Europe, MEPs want to take firm action against neo-fascist and neo-Nazi groups, which currently benefit from a certain level of discretion in several countries.

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On 25 October, MEPs adopted a resolution condemning the surge in the number of incidents related to hatred and intolerance in Europe. The resolution also calls for action to be taken against small far-right groups which fuel the rise in xenophobia.

According to the resolution – which was adopted with 355 votes in favour, 90 against and 39 abstentions – “the lack of serious action against neo-fascist and neo-Nazi groups has enabled the occurrence of the current xenophobic surge in Europe”. The resolution calls on member states, among other things, to condemn and sanction hate crimes and hate speech in the strongest terms. Moreover, it requests that they ban neo-fascist and neo-Nazi groups or any other foundation or association that exalts and glorifies and glorifies Nazism and fascism. (EurActiv)

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