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Europeans approve EU’s response to the war in Ukraine

May 5, 2022 | News

(05 May 2022) – A Flash Eurobarometer survey in all EU Member States published today shows large consensus among EU citizens in favour of the EU’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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The majority of Europeans think that since the war started, the EU has shown solidarity (79%) and has been united (63%) and fast (58%) in its reaction.

88% of Europeans approve the idea of welcoming in the EU people fleeing the war. 80% approve the financial support provided to Ukraine. 66% agree that ‘Ukraine should join the EU when it is ready’, 71% believe that Ukraine is part of the European family and 89% feel sympathy towards Ukrainians.

Support for the sanctions imposed on Russia following its military attack against Ukraine is also very high. The vast majority of Europeans (80%) approve the economic sanctions against Russia. 79% of Europeans approve sanctions against Russian oligarchs to impose clear economic and political costs on Russia’s political elite responsible for the invasion.

Two thirds of Europeans (67%) approve that the EU finances the purchase and supply of military equipment to Ukraine. In addition, 75% consider that the war in Ukraine shows ‘we need greater military cooperation within the EU’.

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