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Fairness online event 

Dec 12, 2023 | Events, News

The Fairness Community of Practice at the European Commission Joint Research Centre – Science for Modelling, Monitoring and Evaluations Unit invites you to an online event on:

Multidimensional coaching for socio-economic advancement of people in poverty. The event will take place on the 14th of December 2023, 14.30-16.30 CEST in Webex.

Background and programme

Poverty, especially when experienced over generations, may be deeply disempowering. Its impact may go well beyond the limitations imposed by material deprivation, undermining hope, aspirations, self-confidence. 

The effectiveness of poverty reduction interventions may depend on how they also address not only material deprivation and the systemic issues of discrimination and exclusion, but also the inner experience of disempowerment brought about by poverty. 

Such a focus on disempowerment is not yet a feature of most mainstream measures. The purpose of this event is to outline ways of integrating this dimension into interventions, highlighting how this may enhance their effectiveness in helping people move out of poverty. 

In particular, the seminar will focus on multidimensional coaching – that is a systematic, structured and intensive collaboration between the person in poverty and a mentor, addressing multiple areas of life. A recently published JRC report highlights some core elements of this approach, distilled from exchanges with leaders of practices across the world. 

Coaching represents a paradigm shift in social assistance design, as it moves away from a top-down relationship between social worker and client towards a more collaborative relationship aimed at empowering the person in poverty. It does not replace support addressing material deprivation, but it may provide an effective complement to measures such as minimum income, by reinforcing agency, decision-making and personal and group empowerment.

The event will include a description of core elements of coaching practices, and presentations of programmes that apply them.


•         Irma Borde, DG Employment, European Commission

•         Laura Cassio, Joint Research Centre, European Commission

•         Elisabeth Babcock, Babcock Strategy, Boston, USA

•         Paola Milani, PIPPI, University of Padua, Italy

•         Rosita Esgard, Hela Familjen, City of Malmö, Sweden

•         Nicki de Luzuriaga, EMPath, Boston, USA

•         Martin Burt, Poverty Stoplight, Paraguay