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FARNET Magazine n°10: Putting learning into practice

Jun 23, 2014 | News

(23 June 2014) – The 10th edition of the FARNET Magazine, coproduced by AEIDL within the DevNet EEIG, presents the first results of eight years of local development in Europe’s fisheries communities under Axis 4 of the European Fisheries Fund.

In 2006, just eight years ago, the European Commission held a first transnational meeting in Oporto, Portugal, to launch a new “territorial approach” to addressing the challenges faced by Europe’s fisheries. Axis 4, as it became known, was born. Since then, an expanding network (FARNET) of people and organisations has got involved in implementing this new territorial approach in fisheries communities. The first results are appearing now.

The huge diversity in the starting point for local strategies is reflected in three reportages on three FLAG areas – the Danube Delta and South Dobrogea in Romania and Marennes Oléron in France – as well as an interview with Rita Pamplona from the Portuguese Managing Authority.

The FARNET Support Unit suggests five ways of putting learning into practice to strengthen the future work of the FLAGs. These are: more focussed strategies, using monitoring and evaluation to improve flexibility, stronger animation and capacity building, more support devoted to developing higher quality projects, and clearer communication plans.

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