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FARNET Magazine n°9: Linking fisheries to the tourism economy

Oct 29, 2013 | News

(29 October 2013) – The 9th edition of the FARNET Magazine, coproduced by AEIDL within the DevNet EEIG, shows how the Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs) can successfully link fisheries to the tourism economy. The strategy is analyzed in several articles and illustrated by three reports, in Sardinia, Catalonia and Finnish Lapland.

The first article identifies some of the key risks of tourism for fishing communities and shows how FLAGs can help to minimise these and turn them into opportunities.

The subsequent articles present practical examples of how FLAGs in different parts of Europe are doing just this. In Sardinia and Catalonia, for instance, projects range from ‘pesca-tourism’ (tourists accompanying fishermen during their work), to fish restaurants run by local fishing cooperatives, mussel and oyster tours, networks of restaurants buying local fish, and local fish farms providing specialist tourist activities.

In another corner of Europe, north of the Arctic Circle, the main tourist season usually starts when the snow settles. Here, a Finnish FLAG has offered training for fishermen to provide tourist packages based around ice and winter fishing, using traditional fishing methods.

The magazine concludes with a thorough look at the legal situation of pesca-tourism in the EU.

FARNET Magazine n°9