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Female achievements and disadvantages in EU regions

Oct 13, 2021 | News

(13 October 2021) – Today, the European Commission has published the first Regional Gender Equality Monitor of the EU.

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It provides an accurate picture of where women achieve the most at regional level in Europe, and where they face the largest disadvantages.

The paper is based on two specially developed indices: the ‘Female Achievement Index’ and the ‘Female Disadvantage Index’. They reveal both the regions where women are achieving more and where they are at a disadvantage compared to men.

The paper shows that, on average, women in more developed regions are able to achieve more and are at less of a disadvantage, while most women in less developed regions face big challenges.

Within countries, women in capital regions tend to achieve more and are at less of a disadvantage.

In general, regions with a lower female achievement index have a lower gross domestic product per capita, while regions with a higher level of female achievement have a higher level of human development.

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